Why I'm Drinking Less Alcohol

by Ian Colon

I have just returned from my wedding across the globe in Australia where January is right in the middle of summer.  Weddings are delightful for bringing together communities to celebrate how great it is to be present in each other's companies.   They also often bring the challenge of mingling with old friends, extended family in a frenzy of toasts, dancing and shared meals. Whether we're journeying across the city or globe, we all share the desire to contribute to a celebration that's vibrant, joyful, and memorable.

Traditionally, raising a glass (or three)of champagne has been synonymous with weddings. However, amidst the exuberance of a room buzzing with laughter and dance floor antics, it's easy to overlook the after-effects of indulging in alcoholic beverages. Waking up with a hangover and not remembering the night before is hardly the ideal way to remember such joyous occasions. Too often, I've found myself missing the serene, post-wedding day gatherings due to choices made the evening before.

But, what if we could relish the festivities without the unwelcome aftermath? I was thrilled to have Calexo at my wedding as an alcohol alternative that allowed me to stay fully present and enjoy the moment. These drinks offer a controlled, refreshing experience, enabling you to savor the occasion without the worry of a hangover.

Wedding rituals often involve quick exchanges of stories, followed by a gradual relaxation of social norms as the night unfolds.  I often feel awkward and tense at big occasions, wanting to move from small talk to raucous party as quickly as possible.  I wanted to enjoy and remember every moment of the day I had spent years planning without trying to escape the thorny feeling of being in the spotlight.  Thanks to having an array of booze-free options, I enjoyed meaningful conversations and cherished moments, all while maintaining a sense of control and well-being.

However, it's not just about sidestepping the morning-after blues. Embracing healthier choices today can positively impact our long-term well-being. Rather than leaning on alcohol as a social crutch, I'm focusing on cultivating confidence and social finesse that doesn’t depend on a drink in hand.  I want to enjoy a long and healthy life jam packed with celebrations that I don't need to look at my photo album to remember.  

Choosing Calexo's beverages for me is about enjoying the present and cherishing the memories tomorrow. It's a toast to health, presence, and authentic connections - a perfect complement to the spirit of wedding celebrations.