Lift your spirits and end the hangover by raising a toast with Calexo.

Calexo's delightful line of alcohol free drinks are crafted with premium juices and botanicals to blend perfectly with 5mg of Hemp Derived THC and CBD to create a delicious drinking experience that is quickly felt for maximum control and enjoyment.
All three low calorie and no added sugar drinks are available un-infused for a refreshing no impact drinking experience worth celebrating.

"Calexo's pair of refreshing infused beverages hit precisely and progressively, imparting a more mellow, more exact high."

"I could literally drink cucumber citron all day, best flavor ever! Thanks for making an uninfused, I now can have it whenever I want."


"I'm a DJ and need something in my hand other than alcohol to stay lifted that won't give me a hangover, Calexo allows me to stay lit and keep it going louder."


Calexo is a community of artists creating delightful opportunities for our minds and bodies.