Calexo is proud to introduce Watercolor, our deliciously infused sparkling waters. Try all 3 delightful flavors: Spring, Fuchsia, and Sea.  With 5mg of nano emulsified THC in every 12oz can, you will feel a light lift that you control with every sip. Watercolor allows you to enjoy yourself without worrying about delayed effects, getting too high or having a bad hangover.

Zero calories, zero sugar, just fun.

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Calexo is a community of artists creating delightful opportunities for our minds and bodies. Our drinks and apparel have been designed to help us celebrate our lives and our communities.

Channel Calexo

  1. Channel Calexo : Sea

    Jam out to the vibes of Sea, Watercolor's delightful new infused Sparkling Waters.  This program is a beautiful portrait of beach culture, ocean, ...
  2. Channel Calexo : Fuchsia

    Channel Calexo invites you to enjoy the energy of Fuchsia, our delicious bubbly new flavor of Sparkling Water.  This video series is a running jou...
  3. Channel Calexo : Spring

    Channel Calexo : Spring Edition Program.
    Performances, Interviews, Music Videos, Advocacy, and Education.
    A magazine style playlist.  Enjoy

  1. Fuchsia's Sonic Fantasy, your favorite summer playlist.

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