Calexo is proud to introduce Watercolor, our deliciously infused sparkling waters. Try all 3 delightful flavors: Spring, Fuchsia, and Sea. With 5mg of nano emulsified THC in every 12oz can, you will feel a light lift that you control with every sip. Watercolor allows you to enjoy yourself without worrying about delayed effects, getting too high or having a bad hangover.



Calexo is a sparkling cannabis beverage made with all-natural fruit juices, botanicals, and nano-emulsified THC. It's precisely dosed for an easy-to-control, uplifting experience.

Most people experience Calexo as a light lift that makes you more prone to laughter and connection. Cannabis affects each person differently based on use frequency, genetic makeup, age, sex, mood, personality, along with set and setting. We recommend that all customers do their own unbiased research when using cannabis.

For an effective onset, we recommend slowly sipping Calexo. Since our THC can be absorbed under the tongue, we suggest you hold that sip longer than you normally would. If you weren't smiling before, you will be now.

Our drinks can be felt in about 15 minutes, with a duration of about an hour per serving, for most people.

If you'reΒ™re new to cannabis, we recommend that you begin with a small serving, and wait 15-30 minutes to see how you feel. You can fine-tune your experience based on your body's unique feedback.

Yes. We test our products for cannabinoids, accurate potency, pesticides and heavy metals (among other things).

No, which is why we love it so much. Calexo offers a cannabis experience more similar to inhalation than edibles through sublingual absorption. This means you get more of the uplifting, cerebral delta-9-THC cannabinoids, and fewer of the potent and body-high oriented 11-hydroxy-THC cannabinoids.

No. While we respect everyone's right to create their own experiences, we encourage you to enjoy Calexo on its own. Please consume thoughtfully.

We use an advanced emulsion technology that evenly distributes the THC throughout the bottle. These microscopic emulsified oils are highly stable and water-compatible. No shaking, mixing, or wait-time required.

The shelf-life of a Calexo is one year. In doubt? Check each bottle for its best by date.

Calexo is best served cold, and sipped slowly. Store Calexo in a cool environment, avoiding sun exposure.

Our biggest idol is your budtender. Your budtender is your biggest advocate. Talk to them and tell them what you are looking for and we will do our best to make it happen.

Calexo's ingredients are a blend of juices, water and nano-emulsified THC. Please contact our team for more specific inquiries.

THC is not strain-specific. Strains are determined by the combination of compounds in different plants: cannabinoids, terpenes and other naturally-occurring chemicals. When cannabis goes through the extraction process, it's separated out into these individual compounds.

Calexo contains coconut, which is a potential allergen for some people.